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1. Trouble

I've never looked for trouble,
but I've never ran.
I don't take no orders
from no kind of man.

2. Tiger Man

I am the king of the jungle;
they call me the tiger man.
If you cross my path,
you take your own life in your hands.

3. Polk Salad Annie

Down in Louisiana,
where the alligators grow so mean,
lived a girl that I swear to the world
made the alligators look tame.

4. Run On

Go tell that long tongued liar, (oh well well)
go tell that midnight rider, (oh well well)
tell the gambler, the rambler,the back-biter,
tell them God almighty's gonna cut them down.

5. Big Boss Man

Big boss man,
can't you hear me when I call?
Well you ain't so big,
you know, you're just tall, that's all.

6. Danny

My name should be Trouble,
my name should be Woe,
for trouble and heartache
is all that I know.
But Danny, yes, Danny is my name.

7. Long, Lonely Highway

It's a long, lonely highway when you're travelin' all alone,
and it's a mean old world when you got no-one to call your own,
and you pass through towns too small to even have a name.
But you gotta keep on goin', on that road to nowhere,
gotta keep on goin', though there's no-one to care,
just keep movin' down the line.

8. Hound Dog

You ain't nothin but a hound dog,
cryin all the time.

-Fallout: New Vegas-

9. Lonesome Cowboy

Just beyond the mountain lies a city,
and I hear it calling me.
Saddle up and ride, you lonesome cowboy.
Here is where you'll find your destiny.

10. Wild in the Country

A rose grows wild in the country,
a tree grows tall as the sky.
The wind blows wild in the country,
and part of the wild, wild country, am I.

11. G.I. Blues

I've got those hup, two, three, four
occupation G.I. blues!
From my G.I. hair to the heels of my G.I. shoes.

12. Viva Las Vegas

Bright light city gonna set my soul,
gonna set my soul on fire!

13. Blue Moon

Blue moon, you saw me standing alone,
without a dream in my heart,
without a love of my own.

-Fallout 3-

14. Stranger In My Own Hometown

I'm like a stranger, like a stranger in my own home town.
My so-called friends stopped being friendly,
oh, but you can't keep a good man down.

15. I Washed My Hands In A Bloody Stream

I washed my hands in muddy water.
Washed my hands, oh, but they didn't come clean.
Tried to do what my daddy told me,
but I must have washed my hands in a bloody stream.

16. Mean Woman Blues

The strangest gal I ever had,
never happy unless she's mad.
Oh, I got a woman, mean as she can be.
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me.





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