Hey, LJ!

I never use my livejournal ever. :D

I mean, I post in comms all the time. I just don't care enough to ever put anything in my own journal.

I spend time on other websites, though. If you're looking for me (though I can't imagine why you would be), try any of these:

On WoW, I play on the Moon Guard server, and I'm Dotann.

On Subeta, I'm Kiwiya.

On DeviantArt, I'm hermiejr157.

On the NaNoWriMo webiste, I'm Consonancy.
(You'll only find me there in October/November.)

On Tegaki, I'm Kiwiyah.

On Gaia, I'm Katori Kenshin.
(But you're more likely to find my on LJ than there! D:)

And on YouTube, I'm also hermiejr157.
(I don't have any videos, but watch my 500 favorites! :D)

So yeah. I never ever use LJ except to stalk comms; talk to me somewhere else. :3